Alite Mayfly Chair - $99.95

The Alite Mayfly Chair is a compact chair for the outdoors, whether you're sitting on grass, sand, or hard packed dirt. The Mayfly is only 1.6 pounds but can support up to 250 pounds, so no need to worry if your buddy steals your seat by the campfire. The easy assembly has two options, 3 legs for stability or 2 legs for Rocker-style. Either way, it's a low rider so you can even set it down in the shallows and let the waves crash upon you. When it's time to move on, pack it up into it's own case and throw it in your pack, car, or the basement for the next adventure. Features of the Alite Mayfly Chair Strong and stable, lightweight frame Fits in this stuff sack, Fits in tour bag Ultra comfortable sling for all kinds of lounging Optional front leg, perfect for rocking or relaxing Low to ground for added stability - $99.95