Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf Entry Kit - $26.99

Give your Colt AR-15 the power and performance of a .50-caliber cartridge without sacrificing its easy-handling, semiautomatic characteristics. Alexander Arms Entry Kit comes complete with all the components required to permit your AR-15 to shoot the .50 Beowulf, creating a rifle ideal for everything from big-game hunting to target shooting to home defense and other tactical uses. Initial tests have shown this round to be extremely accurate, consistently producing groups measuring smaller than 1 at 100 yards. Recoil is also very manageable, much like shooting a 20-gauge shotgun. Kit comes complete with flat-top receiver with Picatinny rail, mid-length hand guard, 16 barrel with Picatinny front-sight block and seven-round magazine. Lower receiver not included. Available: .50 Beowulf Entry Kit, Extra Seven-Round Magazine. - $26.99