Airhead EZ Ski Trainer - $149.99

Simple and safe, with a proven track record for introducing young water skiers to the sport, the Airhead EZ Ski Trainer is a breakthrough inflatable water-ski hybrid with integrated wooden water-ski trainers and sturdy ski bindings. Engineered for stability while towing up to 10 mph so your child can feel confident and secure. Kids can climb on board right from the swim step or stern of your boat no swimming required. The inflatable seat allows new skiers to remain seated until they are comfortable standing on their own ideal for teaching the basic fundamentals of skiing, including proper stance, handle position, balance and weight transfer while turning. Heavy-duty plastic provides years of reliable service. Imported. Available: AHEZ-100 for riders up to 70 lbs. Dimensions: 47L x 35W x 12H. - $149.99