Air Blaster Womens Ninja Suit - $109.95

Air Blaster Womens Ninja Suit - Who ever said women could not be ninjas has another thing coming. Probably the performing long underwear ever created. Specifically tailored to fit a woman perfectly, this one piece design block all incoming ninja stars of snow with a 7 panel form fitting hood allows women to easily regulate there temperature during activity. With a 350 degree waist zip answering the call of nature has never been so easy. 4-way stretch Air-Tech properties wicks away moisture from the skin and stretches to fit your best ninja pose. Once you try on a Ninja Suit, you wont be able to take it off without performing a round house kick or throwing a ninja star. . Fit: Tight, Warranty: Lifetime, Material: Wool/Synthetic Blend, Weight: Mid, Type: Full Suit, Neck: Zip, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 292970 - $109.95