Adventure Technology Quest Kayak Paddle - Carbon Bent-Shaft - $239.93

The Adventure Technology Quest Carbon kayak paddle features a lightweight carbon fiber construction and a blade that you'll love to paddle all day long. Specialized bent shaft provides efficient control, allowing paddler to loosen grip and still achieve the same degree of response. Bent shaft aligns wrist naturally, especially as the paddle blade is planted in the water. Natural wrist alignment reduces the physical stresses associated with straight-shaft paddles. Carbon fiber shaft and blades create an extremely lightweight, durable and responsive paddle. Blades feature a very high fiber-to-resin ratio, enhancing its durability. Asymmetrical dihedral blade shape reduces flutter and helps you stay upright. Need a quick feather angler change because of wind or waves? Innovative ferrule system adjusts feather angle on the fly without changing hand position or taking apart shaft. Ferrule system retains feather angle after disassembly and automatically sets paddle at previous angle when you put paddle back together. The Adventure Technology Quest Carbon kayak paddle offers 15deg increments of adjustment from 0deg to 60deg, right- or left-hand control. 2-piece design breaks down to ease storage and transport. - $239.93