Active Helmets Cracked Helmet Cover - $29.95

Active Helmets Cracked Helmet Cover - Active Helmets Covers and are a great way to customize any sports helmet. From wild designs like The Cracked Helmet Cover to collegiate branding to solid colors, Active Helmets are fun for all ages. They are made of a unique blend of spandex, nylon and micro-fiber fleece to insure a perfect fit and are interchangeable from helmet to helmet, sport to sport. Active Helmets covers can be worn year-round, over bike helmets and skateboard helmets in the warmer months, and over ski helmets and snowboard helmets in the winter. We want to inspire every child, teen and adult to wear a helmet. Use your head, wear a helmet. Use your style, wear an Active Helmets Cover. . Warranty: E-mail refund, Special Features: Clear plastic pocket to hold your stuff (not included), Race: No, Category: Helmet Covers, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 244138 - $29.95