ACR Electronics SARLink 406 Personal Locator Beacon - $399.95

The ACR Electronics SARLink 406 personal locator beacon offers 3-level integrated signal technology. It quickly and accurately relays your position to a global network of Search and Rescue satellites. Powerful 406 MHz satellite signal and 121.5 MHz local homing signal help reduce search times and maximize your chances of survival in an emergency. SARlink broadcasts a unique registered distress signal that tells rescuers where and who you are. 66-channel GPS fixes your location to within 100m; a satellite signal alerts Search and Rescue personnel and a local homing signal guides rescuers to your exact location. In addition to the local homing signal, a super bright LED strobe light helps rescuers find you quickly. Light and small, the ACR Electronics SARLink 406 personal locator beacon is carried easily in a pack or pocket. Fully functional self-test of the circuitry, battery power and 406 MHz transmission gives you peace of mind knowing your beacon will work when you need it. GPS acquisition test mode allows you to test the GPS functionality up to 12 times over the life of the battery. Once activated, the ACR Electronics SARLink 406 personal locator beacon will continue to transmit for up to 35 hrs. in typical conditions. Waterproof at 16 ft. for up to an hour and 33 ft. for up to 10 minutes. Includes a removable attachment clip. - $399.95