Depth Raider Speed And Temperature Monitors - $330.88

Accurately read the temperature and your speed to stay on top of the fish.Available:Subsurface Underwater temperatures can change quickly, resulting in dramatic changes in fishing conditions. But with this easy-to-use gauge you can closely monitor subsurface temperature as well as your lure speed to ensure it is running with the proper action. The underwater sensor/transmitter probe continually transmits accurate up-to-the-second information up the coated downrigger cable to the antenna mounted on the boom, which then sends it to the receiver/display unit via a coaxial cable. All information is displayed on the highly visible LCD monitor. Monitor is 3-1/4"W x 3-3/4"H. A single 9-volt battery provides up to 225 hours of underwater operation. Probe automatically activates when in the water and shuts off when removed for maximum battery life.Surface Get vital speed and water temperature information at a glance by using this handy monitor. The large, easy-to-read LCD has user-adjustable backlighting for viewing in variable light conditions. The advanced software filtering gives you an accurate speed reading, even in rough water. Displays surface temp from 32.0 F to 99.9 F. Displays speed from 0.0 mph to 9.9 mph in tenths, and 10-60 mph. Transom-mount sensor. - $330.88