Accurate Smokeless Powder - $23.99

Accurate offers smokeless powders for all handguns, rifles and shotguns. They specialize in the right powder for the right use. Available: No. 2 Extremely fast-burning, double-base spherical handgun powder suitable for use in a wide range of handgun calibers. Low recoil and low flash make No. 2 well suited for use in short-barrel concealed-carry applications. No. 7 Intermediate-burning, double-base spherical powder suitable for a wide range of handgun calibers. No. 7 is an excellent choice for high-performance semiautomatic handguns. 1680 Extremely fast-burning, double-base spherical rifle powder. 1680 is well suited for large-capacity, high-performance handgun cartridges, as well as low-capacity rifle cartridges. 2230 Fast-burning, double-base spherical rifle propellant. This versatile powder was designed around the .223 Rem., but can be used in many small- and medium-caliber cartridges. 2230 also works well in big straight-wall cartridges. Ideal for progressive loading. 2495 Single-based, extruded rifle powder developed for the .308 Win. Can be used in a wide range of rifle calibers. 2495 is a popular powder for the .308 Win. shooting disciplines as well as heavy-bullet .223 Rem. target applications. 2520 Medium-burning, double-base spherical rifle powder designed around the .308 Win. Extremely popular with service shooters. 2520 performs extremely well in .223 Rem. with heavy match bullets. Well within the threshold limit for M14 systems. 4064 Intermediate-burning, single-base, short-cut extruded rifle powder designed around the .30-06 Spgfld. This versatile 4064 powder works extremely well in calibers such as .22-250, .220 Swift, .24 Type: Smokeless Powder. - $23.99