.58 Caliber Minnie Balls - $14.88

The original minnie ball revolutionized long-range firearm performance and accuracy, and it marked the transition from lead round balls to modern conical bullets. Cast from pure lead, these feature the hollow bases and grooved sides for bullet lube (not included) that are the secret to the minnie balls success. Loaded without a patch, the hollow-base bullet is rammed down the barrel until it comes in contact with the loaded powder charge. When the powder ignites, the soft lead hollow base expands outward to engage the barrels rifling. This causes the bullet to spiral down and out the barrel. The added spin enhances accuracy and teams with the conical shape to increase range. Made using Lyman molds, these .58-caliber bullets weigh 469 grains and are suitable for Civil War era rifled muskets and modern reproductions with bore diameters of .575-.576. Per 20. - $14.88