4FRNT Padlock 7 Ski Bindings Yellow - $59.95

The Padlock provides a lightweight alternative for today's youth. With active protection in all directions, the Padlock provides exceptional performance and safety for lighter riders. The Padlock 7 binding has a din range of 2-7.5, comes stock with a 78mm brake and flashy yellow colorway.Key Features of the 4FRNT Padlock 7 Ski Bindings: Diagonal Toe - 180 degree release from vertical to horizontal lowering pressure to the knee ligaments during a forward or backward twisting fall. Oversized AFD - Better stability and quicker power transfer Four toe rollers & gliding inserts - Ensure 180 degree release and exact centering of the ski boot. Vertical heel release - Reduces the risk of knee injuries. Interchangeable brakes - Wider 90mm available Boiler plate forward pressure - Reinforced steel forward pressure track won't strip out. - $59.95