4FRNT EHP Skis - $406.95

EHP - by Eric Hjorleifson " This year I completely redesigned the EHP line up, my goal was to create a ski that utilized the reverse camber/side-cut concepts but still incorporated traditional ski design to provide a versatile stable platform on and in all types of snow. Ultimately, I tried to find the perfect blend between traditional ski design and the new technology of reverse camber/side-cut concept skis. Some of the design improvements are: The long gradual tip/tail radius/shape give the ski great flotation in powder and enable you to wash, plane and scrub your turns creating a surf like sensation. This long tip/tail shape also give the EHP a shorter running surface making them more responsive and easier to turn on hard snow. Although the tail has a curve radius it was not designed to be a true twin tip, the tail shape was designed to maximize performance in powder snow. The pintail shape sinks into the snow allowing a more forward mounting position giving the ski a much more responsive, centered and balanced feel.Key Features of the 4FRNT EHP Skis: Megablock woodcore ABS sidewall Q 45 Fiberglass 360 Full Wrap Edge Length (cm : 179 Dimension: 128x116x122 (179 Turn Radius (m : 40 (179 - $406.95