3T Pro Handlebar Tape - $22.95

As much as we rely on advancing technology to make our bikes faster, lighter, stiffer, stronger, and more comfortable, newer isn't necessarily better. Because of it's soft feel, durability, and natural moisture-management properties, cork has long the favorite material for bar tape among pro riders. 3T makes their Pro Bar Tape from natural cork, just like it'''s been done for decades. And this is what makes cork the choice of pro racers and team managers alike. Cork offers the all-important softness and vibration absorbing qualities, and it also offers a high-traction grip in wet or dry weather, whether or not you ride with gloves. And the best part of cork tape' It'''s not too expensive when you crash your bike and it gets scuffed or torn from the bars. We all know that periodic replacement is the key to maintaining a fresh look on your race machine. The 3T Pro Bar Tape is available in Black and comes as a set with two rolls (enough to do both sides of one standard set of road handlebars), finishing tape, and bar end plugs. - $22.95