3T Dorico Limited Seatpost - $250.00

The 3T Dorico line of seatposts differ from 3T's Doric seatposts in one fundamental way: The Dorico is built with 25mm of saddle setback instead of the zero setback offered by the Doric. As with the Doric line, 3T uses the LTD designation to portray their top-of-the-line offerings and the Dorico LTD Seatpost is no exception.The Dorico LTD is made with 100% unified carbon fiber construction from the shaft to the head. No seams means no weak spots for stress risers to develop. It's light. It's durable. And it offers fantastic micro-adjustability. The only non-carbon material on the post is the lower and upper clamp assembly, which is made from aluminum with titanium bolts. Its two-bolt design allows you to fine-tune the saddle for perfect adjustment.The Dorico LTD is a 25mm setback post with a two-bolt clamp. The clamp is great for micro-adjusting your seat post; if you use a level to get your saddle angle right, having two bolts to fine-tune the angle makes things really easy. It is available in 27.2 mm and 31.6mm diameters. - $250.00