3T Brezza Team II Handlebar - $625.00

The 3T Brezza II Team Aerobar is literally the team version. As in, the version the 3T sponsored pro teams use. Take a look at the Garmin and Cervlo team bikes and you'll find this version clamped into their 3T stems. The aluminum extensions are how they differ from the LTD version, making them a tad heavier, but less expensive. As with the LTD, this is an evolution from the original Brezza, and it's both lighter and UCI 3:1 aspect ratio compliant. While we're discussing compliance, it's also worth mentioning, the bars pass go with USA Triathlon and Ironman WTC.As always, when you're going into an event as precise as time trials, you need to get all the numbers so that you know the bar will be dialed before you get it in your hands. The bar clamp diameter is 31.8mm, which is modern when a pretty significant percentage of aerobars come with the older 26.0 clamp diameter. The bars come in one width, 40cm, on the assumption that you want a narrow position even when you're off the armrests. The drop of the base bar is 0mm and the reach is 160mm. The bars are threaded for internal routing of brake cables and the hand rest can take any 19mm diameter external clamp or plug-style bar-end brake lever. The bars come standard with S-bend extensions. These can be replaced with ski-bend or straight versions. The extensions are 350mm long and can be cut down to suit your preference. The range of adjustment is 265mm at the longest to 172mm at the shortest.The carbon-fiber forearm cradles can be set in any of four positions. They start at 35mm from the center or 70mm apart. They move in four increments of 12.78mm out to 108.34mm. If you put the armrests directly on the bar, the top of the armrest pad is 35mm above the bar. The armrests can be raised 10, 20, or 30mm with the included spacers. There's even an accessory 60mm riser for people who want their base bar much lower than their extensions. - $625.00