3T Aura Pro Handlebar - $399.95

The Aura Pro Aerobar from 3T tries to steal some thunder from their Mistral Aerobar. Upon first glance, the two look similar. They both have carbon fiber base bars and alloy extensions, and they both sell for the same amount. However, if you look at the weights of the two you'll see the difference. The Aura is nearly 50g lighter. This difference is due to a simplified attachment system for the extensions. Where the Mistral has a total of 16 possible forearm positions and allows lateral and angular adjustment at the elbow base pads, the Auro Pro is more limited. The extensions have a set width at 8cm (measured center to center) and the elbow pads have a set angle. However, if it offers the right fit, saving weight is always a good thing when you want to go fast.Just like the more expensive Brezza, the Aura Aerobar has a standard round clamping surface and can be matched to any 31.8mm stem. The base bar is made of carbon fiber and has fixed mounting holes on each side for the elbow pads. The pads themselves have four sets of attachment points to offer some customization for the width. The elbow pad base, clamping hardware, and extensions are all 6061 aluminum alloy.The 3T Aura Pro Aerobar can be used with either standard road or time trial specific brake levers. - $399.95