36-Piece PMD Cycle Top to Bottom Fly Assortment - Brown - $74.99

Pale Morning Duns are one of the most prolific hatches across the United States and this assortment includes all the flies needed to imitate the different stages of their life cycle from nymphs to emergers to adults. Assortment contains two each of the following patterns: Parachute Extended Body PMD (size 16) CDC PMD Dun (16)Drymerger PMD (16) Brook's Sprout PMD (16)Stalcup's Winger Emerger PMD (16) Harrop's DCripple PMD (16) Beadhead Bubble Back PMD (16)BTS Nymph PMD (16) Brown Killer Mayfly Nymph (16) Beadhead CDC Case PMD Emerger (16) Split Wing PMD (16) PMD Pull Over (16)PMD Cripple (16) Parachute PMD (16) RS-2 PMD (16) Beadhead Crystal Pheasant Tail PMD (16) Bead Thorax PMD Emerger (16) Loop Wing Emerger PMD (16) Available: Assortment only, Assortment with box. Color: Brown. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. - $74.99