36-Piece Caddis Cycle Top to Bottom Fly Assortment - Translucent - $18.88

Caddis are found in almost every body of water that holds trout and this assortment includes all the flies needed to imitate the different stages of their life cycle from larva and pupa to adults. Includes two each of (size 16): Hot Butt CDC Caddis Emerger Elk Hair Skaddis Olive Parachute Caddis Olive Beadhead Caddis Larva Grannom Caddis Olive Swingin Caddis Tan Sparkle Pupa Beadhead Drifting Grannom Caddis Olive Crawling Caddis Beadhead Deep Six Cadis Pupa Olive Beadhead Good n Plenty Nymph Tungsten Soft Hackle Caddis Pupa Olive Elk Hair Caddis Olive Translucent Pupa Stalcups Olive PCH Caddis Emerger Harrops Green CDC Bubble Back Caddis Peacock Caddis CDC Low Profile Caddis (size 18) Color: Translucent. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. - $18.88