30-Compartment Superfine Cube Dubbing Dispenser - Blue Wing Olive - $20.49

Thishandy 30-compartment cube dispenser makes it convenient to pull just the right amount of dubbing. Helps keep your work area clean and eliminates the hassle of searching through dozens of dubbing packages. Includes the following colors. Colors: White, Pale Yellow, Blue Dun, Mahogany Brown, Dark Tan, Tan, Brown, Rusty Brown, Caddis Green, Green Drake, Gray Olive, Olive, Brown Olive, Light Cahill, Cinnamon Caddis, Black, March Brown, Amber, Sulphur Orange, Adams Gray, Pale Morning Dun, Pale Evening Dun, Golden Olive, Blue Wing Olive, Callibaetis, Hendrickson Pink, Sulphur Yellow, Fluorescent Chartreuse, Red Midge, Blue Damsel. Color: Blue Wing Olive. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. - $20.49