2XU Recovery Compression Socks - $44.95

One of the hard-wired instincts of a serious cyclist is the need to travel to new locales to check out new roads & climbs. Wanderlust is an inescapable urge, and more often than not it includes serious hours on an airplane to get there. And it's then, mid-flight, that these 2XU Compression Recovery Socks are a necessity. If you've ever flown then later on the same day gone for a spin you're familiar with the bloated, dead feeling of your legs when you ride. It's because gravity pulls blood down to your legs and feet and your body struggles to return it upstream. When you wear Compression Recovery Socks you supercharge your venous function by forcing the blood flow from your extremities up into your circulatory system. There's a reason why elite endurance athletes refuse to travel without wearing compression: The difference in what your legs feel like at the end of the day is literally night and day. Compression Recovery Socks aren't just for travel. They're equally useful to wear post-ride in order enhance circulation to get more oxygenated blood and to more rapidly flush out lactic acid. Not unlike a post-ride recovery drink, these help lay the groundwork to minimize leg soreness for tomorrow's day on the bike.The 2XU Compression Recovery Socks are Black, and sizing runs from XS-XL. Shoe sizes - $44.95