18-Piece Mega Bass Fly And Popper Assortment - $56.99

Few things in life are as exciting as battling a big bass with a fly rod and this assortment has patterns to improve your chances of success. Fly box included.It includes one each of the following: Bass Omatic, Chartreuse (size: 4), Class 4 Twister, White (4), Prop Terrorizer, Olive (4), Trash Skimmer Baby Bass (1), Worm Slider, Black (1/0), Worm Slider, Brown (1/0), Worm Slider, Purple (1/0), Chewy Pop Foam Popper, Black (2), Chewy Pop Foam Popper, Yellow (2), Chewy Pop Foam Popper, Purple (2), Chewy Pop Foam Popper, Frog (2), Hard Popper, Tequila (4), Hard Popper, Fluorescent Chartreuse. (4), Panfish Diver, Black (8), Panfish Diver, Green (8), Panfish Popper, Bee (10), Panfish Popper, Yellow (10), Floating Minnow, Rainbow/Trout (4). - $56.99