12-Compartment Dubbing Dispenser - Blue Wing Olive - $13.99

Thishandy 12-Compartment Dubbing dispenser makes it convenient to pull just the right amount of dubbing. Helps keep your work area clean and eliminates the hassle of searching through dozens of dubbing packages. Available: Steelhead 1: Peacock, Magenta Flame, Purple Haze, Electric Blue, Fiery Blood Red, Claret Black, Highlander, Copper King, Fall Green Olive, Golden, Sunset Orange, Blue Horizon. Steelhead 2: Lemon Silver, Fall Brown, Fiery Red Brown, Silver Salmon Pink, Silver Purple, Silver Grey, Purple Fiery Claret, Fire Orange, Red Fiery Claret, Fiery Golden Yellow, Fluorescent Fire Orange, Jaffa Orange. Beaver: Brown, PMD, Black, Adams Gray, Olive Brown, BWO, Blue Dun, Stone Fly Rust, Sulphur Yellow, Cream, Hendrickson Pink, Tan. Squirrel: Natural Gray (2), Natural Fox (2), Olive, Rusty Brown, Brown, Ginger, Golden Olive, Dark Olive, Dark Brown, Black. Antron: Gold Stone, Light Olive, Dark Olive, Hares Ear, Medium Olive, Light Cahill, Black, Cream, Sand, Ginger Variant, Chocolate, Light Gray. Superfine: Black, Brown, Blue Dun, Blue Wing Olive, Amber, Light Cahill, Mahogany, Brown Olive, Adams Gray, Olive, Pale Evening Dun, Hendrickson Pink. Haretron: Gray, Light Olive Brown, Black, Yellow, Golden Stone, Olive, Caddis Green, Dark Brown, Burnt Orange, Seal Brown, Cinnamon Caddis, Pink Shrimp. Color: Blue Wing Olive. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. Type: Dubbing. - $13.99